The Challenge of Growth

I’m a fairly avid reader. My reading challenge this year on is 50 books. Last year it was 52 and I failed :). I think I read 48 books.

Still I read quite a few books and I’ve noticed that my book selection is very definitely tied to my moods. When I’m upbeat and feeling visionary, I’ll be reading management or leadership books. When I’m feeling blah, it’s fiction all the way baby. No thinking and little feeling involved. Then there’s the occasional theological pursuit. Generally very heavy, pursued in small doses and over a very long period of time. I currently have two of those on the go and likely won’t finish them both for several years.

My mood right now is deal with stuff determination. The I’m getting fed up with the mental and emotional distress and want it to go away. Realizing that unfortunately it may be up to me to change something in my heart and spirit in order to move forward.

Fortunately I’ve landed on a book by Carey Nieuwhof called “Didn’t See It Coming”. An easy read with an extremely difficult application. Actually it would be simple if there was just one application but he packs too much practical direction into the pages to allow just one application. Personally I feel challenged by nearly every page and my ‘one thing I’m going to do self’ is having an anxiety attack.

Wish me luck!