What’s inside is amplified in my head!

I’m normally quite comfortable with my own company. Actually I’m always okay with my own company. The one exception might be that when I’m only listening to the voices inside my head, the wrong things often get amplified.

Without other voices, I overthink things. I repeat, rehearse and generally exaggerate some of my least desirable qualities. I tend to fall into comparison, insecurity and ultimately paralysis. Generally not a desirable state of mind.

I was watching a Facebook video today comparing extrovert to introverts. I’m solidly in the introvert category. I completely understand the idea of ‘me’ time, but I also understand that too much ‘me’ time will not be healthy. I need people time where I’m encouraged and challenged. Just me, and I’m in trouble.

What about you? What gets amplified in your head when you are alone?

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