Why doesn’t a good preach change me?

I get motivated.

I get encouraged.

Everything feels clear.

But then the message ends and… it is gone!

What is it about inspiration that gives it such a short lifespan? I mean, it’s not just preaching, although good preaching can sure inspire me. I can have a coaching call, a session with my therapist or even a good convo over coffee and get inspired. Think different, be more encouraged, start something, end something or some other life-changing action. But then the moment passes.

Maybe it’s just the emotion that passes. That has to be it because the truth doesn’t change. So if the truth doesn’t change, why is it so hard to keep hanging on to it? So hard to act on it. To let it change my life.

I guess what I’m getting at or at least leaning towards is that the problem isn’t with the inspiration; it’s with the truth. The bottom line is I don’t believe it. If I don’t believe it, it can’t change me.

You know I learned something essential a long time ago. Even though there aren’t any dumb questions, there are wrong questions. If you ask the wrong question, you, unfortunately, get the wrong answer.

So what is the right question?

Why can’t I stay inspired?


Why don’t I believe?

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