Is It Possible?

Don’t flame me but I’m wondering….

Can I have a Canadian flag on my car and not be associated with a ‘Freedom Convoy’?

Can I have pride and not be associated with the LGBTQ+ community?

Can I call myself a patriot but not be associated with the Republican Party?

Can I be gay without being homosexual?

Can the rainbow mean something to me that isn’t a declaration of support for a lifestyle?

It’s disturbing to me how often someone else takes ownership of something that is rightfully mine without asking permission. Don’t I have a right to fly the Canadian flag just because I’m a Canadian? Can’t I be a patriot because I happen to love the country I live it? Can’t I celebrate a rainbow as a promise of hope and grace just because the bible describes it that way.

So just for the record: I am not giving up my right to my flag because a few people are attempting to narrow its meaning. I am not giving up my right to call myself a patriot even if I don’t subscribe to a specific political party. I am not giving up my understanding of a rainbow just because others want to take it just for themselves.

If you want to take my words, symbols and adjectives at least ask if I care.

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