Let me be clear!

Okay let me say this clearly. Getting vaccinated has absolutely no connection to the mark of the beast.

Here’s just a few thoughts:

1.) The mark of the beast is and always will be connected with the act of worship. There is NO worship associated with getting a vaccine. It is a health decision not a decision about worship.

2.) The mark of the beast is associated with a global leader. There is no global leader associated with vaccination. Every country and even every state or province have different rules and provisions around vaccination. There is no unifying person or government behind it. Even the vaccine itself has been developed and produced by several different countries and corporations. In fact it’s a bit of a misnomer to even say ‘the’ vaccine since there are several.

3.) Just a little semantic note. The mark of the beast is taken in your hand or forehead. Vaccines are given in the muscular portion of your arm. Due to the type of vaccine delivery system it would be impossible to have a vaccine shot in your hand or forehead.

4.) Just because you are required/expected to get something or do something does not make it tyranny or evil. You can’t fly a plane without a license. You need specific vaccinations to visit certain countries. You cannot enter the United States without a passport. You must be of legal age to purchase alcohol. Being a restriction does not make it a mark.

We live in a world where many people feel that much is out of their control. We want to take back control. We want to blame someone for our lack of control. We need a villain.

Unfortunately a vaccine for Covid 19 is not the villain. It’s not the mark of the beast and it doesn’t make you susceptible to the mark of the beast. Maybe thinking that this is the mark of the beast will make it harder to discern the real thing.

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