I realized today that my primary emotion at the moment is agitation. I’m agitated with people primarily.

No it’s not justified at all but in my current world most communication is of the text and written kind. Which is supposed to bring clarity right? And it does somewhat but I always feel like I’m missing half of the conversation. I can’t see the body language, the smile or the face, the terseness of the spoken word. Instead I’m left to assume.

So I feel agitated because I assume others are agitated. And some are. Maybe you are. Maybe you are even agitated with me right now. I’m sorry. Genuinely!

With everything going on and not going on I’m trying to solve things. Solving things now means asking for help. So I’m asking way more than ever before. Maybe you feel like I’m asking for too much. Again I’m sorry. I’ve got so much time on my hands and so many problems to solve I’m asking all the time.

Plus I see so many people struggling and it leaves me in pain. I want to help but I don’t have enough to solve everything and heal every pain. That leaves me feeling agitated too. I’m not enough for everything going on.

Enough about me. How are you doing? How can I help?

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