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Eclectic Mix of real good links

Live the GREAT life that you desire!

eclectic mix

Walk with me through some of the articles that I have really enjoyed this week. There’s no real theme here except that I like them all.

  1. How about the power of the unexpected?
  2. Personal branding in pre-school. Now this is personal branding to the extreme, but a very effective illustration.
  3. Today is That Day has a contest/competion/challenge going on. Aaron calls it 10,000 Fists to Freedom.What can you accomplish in 90 days?

    I’ve committed to getting my pilot’s license and $10,000 in debt reduction. I’ll keep you informed as to how I’m doing. Check out the article and see if you can get some motivation to accomplish a REALLY big goal in the next 90 days. Oh and tell him Dave sent you. 🙂 If you achieve your goal, Aaron will give you $100.

  4. Building systems in your life that guarantee encourage success. Do you have a routine that builds your life? Brian’s article may give you some helpful hints on establishing them.
  5. For bloggers: five tips to make your posts more readable
  6. Join the conversation on How Can We Create Synergy Between Generations. There are already some really great ideas being written. Add your thoughts and ACTIONS. I’m really excited about where this one may go. 😀
  7. Maybe you can identify with this copier problem.

Have a GREAT weekend! What did you really enjoy this week? Share a link with me.

It’s Eclectic mix time! June 1, 2007 Edition

Live the GREAT life you desire!

eclectic mix

Each week I provide you my readers with a few links to articles that I have found particularly stimulating, insightful, witty or just plain enjoyable. So here once again without further ado is this week’s eclectic mix:

Let’s talk soon!

Weekly eclectic mix of valuable and profitable links (May 25, 2007)

Let’s build a GREAT life!

eclectic mix

Why don’t you bring your favourite links to the party? Share you favourite posts from this week in the comments. Let’s talk! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!