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Apparently Anger Always Hurts

It’s pretty hard to stay angry, but you can do it.

The downside is that anger always ends up hurting you.

I’ve wondered about the whole don’t let the sun go down on your anger.?Usually it seems likes it is only applied to married couples but?unfortunately, it seems to apply to everyone and every relationship.

When you hang on to your anger, you end up hurting yourself. Maybe not today, but eventually. Apparently anger just keeps the hurt coming.

That grumpy old man with all sorts of aches and pains. Yep… angry! Could be you one day if you work at it. (only if you’re a guy of course)

The bottom line is you’ve got to deal

with your anger. Somehow, someway you’ve just got to do it.

Well… you don’t have to, but your world will be a better place if you do.

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Okay Already… Let It Go

Wanna deal with the real stumbling blocks to personal growth?

If I could offer one and only one piece of advice… just one remedy to catapult you forward in your personal growth it would be that your growth is entirely dependent on your attitude toward other people.

That’s right!

You thought you could lead a growing, expanding life without dealing with people.

grudge.pngPEOPLE. Yes those breathing, grieving, life enhancing, life sucking, can’t live with, can’t live without organisms that populate the same planet you do. In fact it sometimes seems like they’re taking up your particular piece of the planet.

And when it starts to feel like another person is using the air you want… it’s time to:


You heard me. Let it go. The only one that’s suffering from your grudge is YOU. (oh and your family)

That person who cut you off in traffic this morning…. let it go.
The comment about what your wearing…. let it go.
The invitation that you didn’t get… let it go.
If someone doesn’t comment on your blog… let it go.

Just remember… it’s really up to you.

If you want others to be gracious to you… be gracious to them. (oh I forgot, why would anyone need to be gracious to you?) *sarcasm intended*

If you want to really grow. Stop getting offended. Make it your life’s mission to become unoffendable (is that really a word?)

Give others the benefit of the doubt even when there is no doubt. You will be healthier.
Let things go rather than hanging on. You will find more freedom.

Do it… go ahead…

Let it Go!

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