Monthly Archives: August 2008


Collaboration Cafe Style!

Sitting in our cafe the other day, working on food cost analysis… exciting I know! A regular walks by my table and says hi. I know Brian from his regular visits and I also know he’s a business coach. (he’s left his card) He asks how things are going and we chat for a few minutes. As the conversation progresses,… Read more →

Dangerous Thinking!

On the eve of my 46th birthday, I lay in bed unable to sleep. Not that birthdays have ever been a big deal to me but since I became a grandfather, I’m looking at life a little differently. I started thinking about what I’ve accomplished in life. Thinking hard, trying to list off what my claim to fame might be.… Read more →


“Bounce” – the review!

Earlier this year I received a copy of Barry Moltz‘s new book “Bounce” from non other than Barry himself. Apparently Liz Strauss figured I needed to read it…. what are you saying Liz? Time has quickly gone by and Barry has gently nudged me about doing a review. In the past three months, my internet access has been anything but… Read more →