Published on Jul 13, 2007, by in Business.


One task that I absolutely hate is going through all the reams of paper that accumulate after a week or two of life. Mostly it is mail from the post office, but there are the other things like, notes to myself, study sheets and reports.

Here’s somethings that I find help.

  • Open the mail over the trash can.
  • If you don’t think you’ll use it, trash it.
  • If you think you might use it sometime, trash it!
  • If it’s advertising unless you absolutely need it and were already looking for it, trash it!
  • Same thing with email.

Just like when you write, anything you don’t need gets omitted.

Anything that can go in the trash does.

  • Jon – SmartWealthyRich

    totally! I tend to keep everything, but always end up trashing it after a while, cause obviously I keep too many hehe :)

  • Vivienne Quek

    Used to be like a rat where I hodge and keep everything, until such a time that my desk is piled up with stuffs that I didn’t know I have. The 21st century is a time of abundance and yet I seemed to live in scarcity. Now I threw what I absolutely don’t want immediately. Whatever I’m unsure of, I left it prominently on my table and if ever I wondered why they were there, I ditched it. Well, I just did such exercise before reading your post. So I’m feeling really good… :)

  • LaurenMarie

    The feed reader is the same way. I recently read The Myth of Keeping Up over at Creating Passionate Users (I know a blog pointed me over there, but I can’t remember which one! I think it might’ve been a link from ProBlogger). Just having someone say or agree with me that it’s ok to throw things away helps me do it. I do what Vivienne does, too, if I’m wondering why I saved something, it gets placed in my shiny round filing cabinet under T!

  • Calvin Warr

    Absolutely the best advise for clearing mail ever! :)

  • DaveOlson

    Calvin… good to hear from you again. Hope the advise helps.

  • Palm Coast

    Great advice that most of us already know but simply don’t do. I have a habit of placing all my mail (important or unimportant) on my desk or next to my desk and leave it there for days, even after I opened it. Eventually I throw it out, but I should try switching over to this method for once.

  • DaveOlson

    Hi Palm Coast… thanks for stopping in and joining the conversation here.

  • Lisa Gates

    Dave, first time here and this post sings to my heart.
    I have absolutely no attachment to the post office. They could disappear and I would not feel their absence. Trash can is great advice.

    Thanks for the permission!

  • DaveOlson

    Lisa… you now have official permission to chuck the junk!

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found something useful.