Alvin Soon’s article at LifeCoachesBlog on getting your life on track got me thinking again about how easy it is to get off track. While he goes on to promote Steven Covey’s methodologies which I’m sure are great, I started thinking about some simple things that might help me get on track… er… stay on track. After all I’ve got some big goals to achieve. :-)

tracksHere’s my simple monday morning summary of things to do to get or stay on track

  • Have a routine – a regular routine helps you make time for the most important things in your life. As long as you’ve got the right routine, you’ll be fine!
  • Do the most daunting things first – every day. You have the most motivation early in the day. Use it where it is needed the most!
  • Make a real todo list – I mean one that is thought out and really reflects your priorities over your urgencies. (is that a word?)
  • Follow said list – the list is useless if you don’t follow it. ‘nuf said
  • Evaluate your progress – at least every week. More often if you find you feel you are drifting off track. Here’s some of the benefits of a weekly review.
  • Get enough sleep – think it’s unrelated? Try depriving yourself of sleep and you’ll soon see that it makes a difference.
  • Eat right – a healthy diet gives you more energy, focus and endurance.
  • Exercise regularily – Mitch Harper, who seems to be “on track” includes exercise in his weekly routine and recommends the emotional boost it can give.

What do you think? Is there a hint you can give me to keep me on track? I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

  • Mark Shead

    I find that I’m most productive when I’m concentrating on as few things as possible. So if I give myself 1 decent sized goal for the day, I’ll do better than a list of 75 items.

    I’m toying with the idea of creating two lists. One is the list of “big rocks” or the 1 thing that I will absolutely get done. The other items will be the “little rocks” or the smaller things that need to get to, but can fit around other tasks. Failure is not getting the 1 thing done.

  • Dave


    I really like your idea of the 1 thing I will absolutely get done. You know I’m gonna steal it. :evil:

  • Mark Shead

    Maybe it was just a trick. To ruin your productivity!

    Just joking. Seriously though I have a post going up in the next week or so that talks about how the most productive people I know do fewer things than everyone else. They just focus on the place where they add the most value.

  • Dave

    Marcus Buckingham has a booked called “The one thing you need to know”. All about how the most successful people know how to say no better than anyone else.

  • orion1310

    It has been 1 years since I have been out of the my life track. I got in the university I always wanted but after 2 years I found out all those thing I have at school is so easy to learn, nothing new, nothing exciting. I’m lost. I’m scared of real life waiting for me after finish my studying. Will I get successful? Will I have enough money to manage my life?
    While I was dying counting everyday gone by with nothing changed, I sometimes wanted to get out of this very unpleasant situation but couldn’t gather enough courage. Everybody worries about me, I ignore them and hide myself so that no one can’t notice my existence.
    I saw one of my classmates who got stuck like me as well. She failed many test. She doesn’t go to school much. Accidentally she is in one of my study groups. She is not only bad at her skills, but also childish and uncooperative that made anyone angry. I was extremely angry too. I’m yelling out loud ” what the hell is she doing? she gets on my nerves and she is destroying everything”. Then I kept complaining about what and why and how bad she is and certainly , I feel I’m not very bad at all, compared to her.
    Then I feel myself so pathetic, since when I sank that low to ease my pain and problem by blaming them on others? This is not what I want, this is not what I always expect about. Where are my dreams? Where are those desires that I always eagerly tell my friends? I waited for somebody or something suddenly erase the pain I have been bearing but nothing had happened. Of course It can’t be happened. I want to help myself, to revive, to do things that I always want to do. The truth is I know the answer from the very beginning of this disaster; I don’t need to read How to Set Your Goal or 7 Things to Have a Happy life , I’m just too scared to gather myself up. I won’t hide anymore, I’ll live , I am not going to die like this. Tomorrow I will talk with my classmate and work things out, I also don’t want to see her fading like that.
    I’m very grateful for people who make this website, it does help lost people, more or less, to get back to great life. You have done a good job. Please keep on it . Thank you .