Customer Service Anyone… Anyone?

I’m sure somewhere in the civilized world there are examples of good customer service but the examples seem to be fewer and fewer.
The other day I called a couple of auto parts stores looking for a specific part for my car. The responses I received could have easily been improved on. In fact, if the agent on the other end of the phone had asked me just one more question, I would probably have bought from them instead of ordering everything online.IMG_4176-1
I called two stores, told them the details of my car and requested a specific part. After a few moments of what I assumed was searching a computer on the other end, each agent responded with ‘sorry I can’t help you’. Now I realize it is entirely possibly that the part I wanted may have been unavailable through an aftermarket provider. However, in reality it was just out of stock. Both stores could have gotten the part for me within a day.
The problem… No one asked when I needed it. They each assumed that I needed it right now so they said they couldn’t help me.
My suggestion if you are in any kind of customer service role (basically every role) ask more questions before you give up. Or better yet just don’t stop trying until you find a solution.
I can’t help you really doesn’t belong in your vocabulary.
Incidentally if you are a church leader, the same advice applies.

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By the way, that’s not my truck.

Please Return Your Messages

I just want to throw something out there today. If you really want to show people that you value their time and by implication them, here’s a simple little tip.

Return your emails and voicemail!

I want to suggest that you return them in a reasonable time, like within 24 hours unless your message says you will be returning them later. I think for most people that would be a brilliant goal. However, based on my experience in the last few weeks, that might be asking too much for some customer service professionals. If that’s you, maybe you could try returning your calls or email sometime in the next week or so. The degree of frustration that I feel when people don’t return their messages is increasing. I know I need to get over it, but it often leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. Come on people, my time is just as valuable as yours. I have 168 hours this week just like you.

If you are in the customer service

or sales industry, returning a message may mean the difference between a customer returning or a customer leaving. I will admit to never going back to a business that can’t return my calls.

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No Content equals No Interest

I think it is fairly well known that Google is always tweaking their algorithms to provide better search results. But what does that mean?

Essentially, they are always trying to anticipate what you are really looking for and helping you find it in the first few results.

I just did a quick google search on my name and exactly as I thought, the results didn’t show up until around the 11th page. Yes, the ELEVENTH page.

Considering that it is nearly a year since I updated the website and in that previous year there were hardly any posts of value to anyone but me. I’m surprised Google indexed my website that early in the results.

So if you happen to be a blogger that wants to show up in Google search results, you have to provide valuable content that someone is interested in reading. Don’t try to game the system, just create good content.

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