Customer Service Anyone… Anyone?

I’m sure somewhere in the civilized world there are examples of good customer service but the examples seem to be fewer and fewer. The other day I called a couple of auto parts stores looking for a specific part for my car. The responses I received could have easily been improved on. In fact, if the agent on the other… Read more →

Please Return Your Messages

I just want to throw something out there today. If you really want to show people that you value their time and by implication them, here’s a simple little tip. Return your emails and voicemail! I want to suggest that you return them in a reasonable time, like within 24 hours unless your message says you will be returning them later.… Read more →

No Content equals No Interest

I think it is fairly well known that Google is always tweaking their algorithms to provide better search results. But what does that mean? Essentially, they are always trying to anticipate what you are really looking for and helping you find it in the first few results. I just did a quick google search on my name and exactly as I… Read more →

Saschenhausen Concentration camp

I spent Wednesday touring around Saschenhausen. I suppose touring would not be the right word for it. Viewing the pure evil of humanity for several hours would be more accurate. As a Canadian of mixed German and Norwegian descent, the emotions ran pretty high. My great uncle was part of the struggle to liberate Europe and the thousands who were… Read more →

I Am Where I Should Be

I’m sitting in a stifling hot church with no air conditioning but the fans are roaring. I got about four hours sleep last night and about the same the previous night. I’m surrounded by men who have sacrificed to be here but I hardly understand anything they are trying to tell me. The food is foreign, the culture is so… Read more →

On My Way

I’m writing this at 37000 ft on an AirCanada flight between Vancouver and Toronto. I’m currently just over the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. I’m telling you this because nearly everything about that paragraph would have been entirely made up and probably unwritten just a few years ago. But the iPhone in my hand that is recording my thumb clicks as letters and… Read more →

Excuses Excuses Excuses… And Mine Are

You may have noticed that this is my first post this week. It’s not the first time I’ve thought about it. Just the first time I’ve done it. My excuse? Well it’s complicated! Actually it’s not complicated. I just threw that in there to see your reaction. The reason.. er.. excuse is that I’ve spent most of my free time… Read more →